Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Publix June 1-7

I'm all excited because cheerios are on sale!  Can you tell I'm the frugal mom of a toddler?!?  Better yet, has a hot $0.50/1 cheerios coupon, which will double at my publix, making each box about $1.05.  Woo-hooo!!!!  Having been out of town over Memorial Day, I'm planning to go grocery shopping today (after nap time) or tomorrow.  Here's the things I saw that I loved when checking out  Freebies/cheapies!  I also need some veggies, not exactly sure yet what I'll get.

cheerios- $4.09/2 ($0.50/1 MQ)
fresh express salad- $1.99 each ($1/1 IP)
pepperidge farm swirl bread- $1.99 each ($0.35/1 MQ)
ronzoni healthy harvest pasta- $0.94 each ($1/1 MQ)
dove ice cream- $1.74 each ($1/1 MQ)
lance crackers- $2 each ($0.55/1 IP)

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