Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MIA- Kristen...where are you?!!?

Well, my summer has probably been as hectic as yours.  Here for this, there for that, husband off work, no real schedule....while all that is good and fun, I'm glad the school year is about to kick off and we can get a little more regimented around here.  I substitute teach (don't know if I mentioned that before), so with the school year, comes a little extra jingle jangle in our pocket, which we need! :)  I will also say that the coupons were better this past week & if you check out the preview site, looks like Sunday's Q's will be pretty good too.  Only 2 inserts, but that's alright!

So...I will have to say that couponing has taken a bit of a backseat lately, mainly because we've just been busy and the coupons have been crap in the paper, so I've been suffering a little burnout.  But....I always hear in the couponing world about these phantom diaper sales at CVS.  Where there will be pampers or huggies for 74% off!!!  that's right, I said 75% off!!  So....I was in CVS yesterday & I saw the ticket...pampers sensitive swaddlers for $2.75, $2.75!!!!  I have $2 MQ...OMG, heart attack!  Of course this was for the size 1 (my son is in a size 4), but hey, I may have another baby, and if not, I know PLENTY of preggo people I could pass these on to.  I was so beyond pumped.  I ended up getting 2 packages of the swaddlers (there were 3, but the cashier wanted one & I was nice...although this got me thinking it is probably why I never happen upon these types of sales!) and 1 package of size 4 (8.99 with a 3 ECB).  I paid with (2)$2/1 MQ, (1)$1.50/1 MQ, 6 ECB, $3, got back $4 ECB!! :)  I was pumped.  Anyways...hopefully I'll be better about posting regularly, but if you have CVS, stop in and see if you can get the same awesome deal!