Saturday, June 11, 2011

CVS 6/12-6/18

Another great week at CVS.  If you aren't in love, get on board already, this store is fabulous!!  Here's what I have planned for tomorrow's shopping:
zyrtec- $5.99, use $4 MQ, get $5.99 ECB back
bayer asprin- $3, use $2 MQ, get $1 ECB back
motrin PM- $4, use $1/1 MQ, get $3 ECB back
schick razor- $8, use $4/1 MQ, get $4 ECB back

also plan to pick up 2 of those hershey pieces candies, they are bogo for a penny.  not sure the price, but I do have a $2/2 MQ, so I'm hoping one isn't much more than that! :)  before candy, my total is $9.99, I'm hoping the candy is less than $2 OOP, I have 11 ECB, I plan to use them all and get back $13.99 ECB.  yay for another good week!! :)

I may go back another day later in the week and see if there is more motrin PM to be had, the limit is 3, so I can get 2 more for $6 and get $6 ECB back.  Of course, I will roll my ECBs, using the $5.99 zyrtec ECB to pay for the 2 motrin, so really a $0.01 OOP, and $6 ECB back.  Like I said earlier, gotta love CVS!

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