Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grocery plans June 22-28

I like to write out what I think are the best prices at publix and bilo for the week.  I'll throw in Ingles if I get a chance to look, but these are the two stores I frequent the most.  If you check, she lists it all!!

duke's mayo- 2/$2.99 (if you live in SC, chances are you LOVE some dukes!)
crystal light- 2/$2.99, use (2)$1/1 MQ, making it 2/$1
chex mix- 2/$3.65, use (2)$0.50/1 MQ, making it 2/$1.65
whole fruit fruit bars- 2/$3.59, use (2)$0.50/1 MQ, making it 2/$1/59
alexia frozen snacks- 2/$3.59, use (2)$1/1 MQ, making it 2/$1.59--I love their sweet potato fries!
perdue chicken nuggets- 2/$4.40, use (2)$0.50/1MQ, making it 2/$2.40
bananas- $0.59/lb
watermelon- $0.59/lb

aquafina- $2.99/24 pack---I may stock up for when we hit the beach!
helluva good dip- $1.89, use $0.55  MQ, making it $0.79
boneless skinless chicken breast- $1.99/lb (that's my stock up price!)
peaches- $0.88/lb
romain lettuce- $0.88/lb
red potatoes- $0.88/lb
grape tomatoes- $1.88/pint

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