I wanted to dedicate a page to my favorite blogs.  There are sooo many blogs out there to do matchups for you!!  Let the pros do the hardwork, and then you reap the rewards--win, win.  Remember if you really like a blog, click on an ad or two to help the person out.  Hey, people don't do it all for free...well, usually they don't! :)  My top coupon blog favorites in no particular order: - she has all our stores down here! :) - another great blog for matchups - great blog to help you get started, give ya tips, matchups, and deals...yada yada--love this one! - a great blog devoted to the beloved target.  also good place to find store coupons - good CVS matchup

There are many, many blogs out there, but this is a list of some of my favorites regarding couponing.  I may reference others from time to time, but if you're just getting started, these are some of the best to check out, in my opinion!!