Swagbucks is a search engine that you can use to earn points that in turn you redeem for prizes.  Basically, it is a site that pays users to search the internet for things you would normally search under google or bing, but you use the swagbucks search engine instead.  If you decide to give swagbucks a shot, please use my referral link.

Now that you are signed up what do you do?  Well, when you search something, you will occasionally "win" and get swagbucks.  The pro's suggest searching 3 times a day (morning, noon, night) and you should be able to win more that way: example- in the morning keep searching over & over until you win, then come back in the afternoon and search until you win and again at night.  You can also earn swagbucks by answering the daily poll, completing NOSO offers (I always click 'skip' or next offer until the end), completing surveys and tasks, finding secret codes, and there are probably even more.  You also get swagbucks when you refer someone, so please checkout my referral link if you decide you want to give it a shot.  Some people earn upwards of 2,000 swagbucks a month.  I'm not quite that dedicated, but figure some earnings are better than none!  There is a swagbucks spoiler site that I check up on occasionally throughout the day.  It's the best way to find the secret codes. 

I always trade my swagbucks in for amazon gift cards.  I tentatively plan to use them to ease the budget on Christmas shopping! :)  Once you get 450 swagbucks you can redeem them for a $5 amazon gift card.  So far, I've redeemed 1800 swagbucks, so $20 in amazon money...yay!  Now, click on my referall link & go get your swag on.

How do I earn my swagbucks??
**installing tool bar & using the search engine
**answering the daily poll
**completing NOSO offers
**purchasing groupons or living social deals via swagbucks website
**finding secret codes