Monday, May 2, 2011

May 1-7 shopping

I'm doing an all-in-one post on super shopping this week.

CVS shopping- I got all the above for $1.18 and got $5.54 ECB's back.  How you ask?
2 colgate max fresh toothpaste at $2.77, (2) $0.75 MQ
2 dove chocolate bars at $1.10, (1) $0.75/2 MQ
3 ivory soaps at 99 cents, (3) $1/1  MQ
used $5 ECB, paid $1.18 and got $5.77 ECB for next time! :)

WAGS- 4 right guard bodywashes and 2 newspapers for $3.03!

Transaction 1- bought 2 papers ($0.99 ea) and 2 rightguard ($4.99/2), used BOGO right guard coupon, paid $2.30 OOP
Transaction 2- bought 2 right guard bodywashes ($4.99/2), used BOGO right guard coupon, paid $0.79 OOP. 

I realize the two transactions don't exactly add up.  The walgreens ad said right guard body wash was BOGO this week--buy 1 for $4.99 & the other is free, the in-store tag said 2/$4.99.  So...when she rang the bodywash up, the first one scanned $4.50, the next one $0.49.  For the first transaction, she put the BOGO Q in as $4.99 and for the second one she put it in as $4.50.   Just one more wacky thing about WAGS!

Last brag...PUBLIX!  I have no picture.  But I got an awesome deal on tostitos chips, tostitos salsa, and pepsi max.
(3) bags of family size tostitos: $2.50 ea
(3) jars of tostito salsa: $2.50 ea
(3) pepsi max drinks: $1.67 ea

used (3)$1/1 bags of tositos, used (3) free pepsi max when you buy a bag of tositos, used (3) $1/1 tostitos salsa when you buy tostitos chips.  whew......  total OOP- $8.99!!!!  WOW!

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