Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I went to WAGS

Why oh why do I continue to try Walgreens?  I dislike Walgreens.  I always pay more OOP (out of pocket) than anywhere else, but relentlessly I try again.  Okay, today is the LAST day for a while, with the exception of if they have the diaps on sale because thanks to my transaction today, I now have a $3 RR to burn.  I didn't do terrible, but it wasn't great.  I got 2 old spice men's body wash, 1 gillette men's body wash, and one gillette men's deodorant for $4.59.  Not terrible, but not great and I just don't like the Walgreens vibe.  I wish CVS would have some good deals, I have ECB's to use & I really want to start my gift card challenge!!  Oh well, just wanted to chime in on what was happening around here and for those who do shop at Walgreens--keep up the good work.  I'm sure I'll try again, but currently I'm just trying to say no!

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