Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grocery Shopping....done!

I went to Publix & Bilo this morning and I have to say I am quite happy with the spending. 
Publix- paid $17.41 OOP, saved $26.79
Bilo- paid $13.98 OOP, saved $19.62

We are going out of town for Memorial Day, so this should get us through the week with some pretty good meals.  So far on the menu: hotdogs, turkey sloppy joes, chicken casserole (not sure yet!), salad or grilled chicken salad and for Sunday lunch we had hotdogs and kraft dinner.  A college roommate of mine used to love this, so I served it one night for Keith when we were on a "poor man's meal" and he too loved it.  Basically just cut up hotdogs in kraft mac & cheese....doesn't get much easier than that.  I serve it with a side of broccoli.  Since I don't eat a lot of meat, I have the broccoli & mac & cheese and the boys get the hotdogs, mac & cheese, and a veggie!

Some of the best deals/prices from Publix-
cashed in my raincheck  for Bic Solei Razors, 2/$5.49, used (2)$3/1 MQs
Smart Balance Spread, 2/$3.50, used $1/2 MQ
Wishbone Italian Dressing: 2/$2.61, used (2)$1/1 MQ

produce deals:
grape tomatoes- $1.50/1
idaho potatoes- $2.99 for 3 lb bag

Best deals/prices from Bilo-
Mueller's Macaroni- $0.86/2
Surf Detergent- $6.38/2, used (2)$2/1 MQ

produce deals:
cantaloupe- $1.97 each
lettuce- $0.88 each
package of mini cucumbers- $2 each (can't wait for ours to start growing in our garden!)

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