Thursday, May 5, 2011

CVS plan for May 8 week

It's time to start getting ready for next week's shopping.  CVS doesn't look all that exciting to me, but it will depend on the coupons in Sunday's paper (if there are any!). 
Freebies this week:
carefree pantiliners- $0.99, use $1 MQ (I checked my stash & only had a $0.50 MQ)
similac ready feed formula- $4.99, use $5 MQ

Some other deals that may be good depending on the coupons you have:
Covergirl makeup- get $3 ECB when you buy $10 (on, she says there will be a $3/10 CVS Q and you can pair it with MQ's for more savings!)
Select Cereals- $1.97
Xtra Laundry detergent- $1.49 (don't know if there's MQ out there or not, haven't checked yet!)

I plan to get the pantiliners, possibly the covergirl (depending on what the have--I need some powder), and if the glade includes the candles, I'll do that since I have a free MQ! :)  Check back early next week to see what I got!

As always, check out for additional her site!

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