Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Publix 4/24

Publix was pretty good this week & I was happy to have saved 70% total when I combined my grocery receipt with my razors.  They were out of razors on the shelf, when I went to get a raincheck, they told me they were in the back, so I waited and we rang them up.  It's by far my best receipt....my total was -$0.27...yep, you read that right, they gave me 27 cents to take home 3 packages of razors.  EXCITING!

Things I thought I got a good deal on were: nature valley granola bars for $1 (priced at $1.99 with a $0.50  doubled MQ) and pull-ups at $9.79 with a $3 Publix Q and a $1.50/1 MQ.  The best deal of all of course was the razors: $2.75 each with a $3/1 MQ!!  woot, woot! 

For a more detailed view of the receipt....

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