Thursday, April 14, 2011

CVS 4/17-4/23

It's time to start planning for next week's CVS trip.  There are a few freebies, so it's a good time for newbies to jump on board.

If you have no ECB's to start with here are a few transactions you can start with:
Transaction 1- buy 1 package of easter grass ($0.99) and 1 green bag tag ($0.99), pay $1.98, get $1.98 ECB back
Transaction 2- buy 1 package of PAAS egg decorating kit ($1.99), use $1.98 ECB pay $0.01, get $1.98 to use next time! :)  (don't forget to scan your green bag tag from previous transaction)  you can also throw in some reach toothpaste ($0.99) if you have $1/1 coupon, then your OOP would be $0.02.

Now you ask...what is a green bag tag?  A green bag tag is a way to earn free ECBs from CVS, and us couponers LOVE free stuff!!!  The intent is to bring a reusable bag to the store and scan your green bag tag when you check out.  Every 4th visit (4th scan of the green bag tag) earns you $1 ECB.  You can only scan your green bag tag 1x per day.
Also, remember CVS tracks your spending, savings, and issues ECB's through their rewards card.  Be sure to sign up for one before making any purchases!!!

I have some ECBs built up, so I'm looking at:
Transaction 1- edge shaving gel ($3.99) use 55 cent MQ, get $2.30 ECB and (3)12 packs of coke ($11), get $3 ECB back.  use $14 ECB, pay $0.30 OOP, get $5.30 ECB
Transaction 2- get PAAS decorating kit ($1.99), get $1.99 ECB, I will use $1.99 ECB, pay $0.00 OOP, get $1.99 ECB back. 
I may also do the MARS Easter candy deal depending on product availability: 2 MARS candies for $1, I have 2($1/2 MARS), so I can get 4 for free.

To find out more about cvs and upcoming deals, check out, I love her blog, it's great!

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