Friday, April 29, 2011

CVS 4/24 Week

This week CVS was semi-lame.  I went to three stores, and all of them were out of the men's dove deodorant, so I got a rain check for five of them.  I only have 1 coupon, but figure by the time they are restocked, I may have a few more.  Tricky, tricky...I know!

So this week, I ended up getting Blink eye drops, 4 Biore facial cleansers, and a package of silly bands (for part of a birthday gift)....I used $16.05 total in ECBs (I rolled the Blink ones, doing seperate transactions), spent $6.38 total OOP, and got $5 ECBs back.  It wasn't the best week, but I've been working on a personal $20 gift card challenge, so it was weird to try to finish it out and still end up with ECBs....y'all know I love to roll 'em! ;)

This is what my transactions looked like:
#1- Blink Tear drops: $7.99, used $7.30 ECB, OOP- $0.87, got $8.99 ECB back
#2- (2) Biore Facial Cleansers, silly bands: $14 + $0.75 = $14.75, used $7MQ, $7.75 ECB (they adjusted down from $7.99), OOP- $0.89
#3- (2) Biore Facial Cleansers: $14, used $7.99 MQ (cashier gave regular price off bogo q), $1 ECB, paid $4.62 OOP, got 5 ECB back

**I would have done 2 transactions, but my store only had 2 biore cleansers, so I had to go to another.  whew...this was a complicated post, but promise it wasn't very complicated.  Next week, I'll be starting with $5 ECBs.  I'm about to preview the ad and make a plan...check back in! :)

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