Saturday, October 1, 2011

SEPTEMBER recap!!--what a slacker!

What a slacker I've been about posting on the blog.  To be honest, with a crazy 2.5 running around, me substitute teaching, me trying to work out and coupon, it's just been a FULL plate!  So, sorry for the delay, but I'm still working on my $25 gift card challenge from CVS.  I'm excited because I've gotten so much stuff already, and have $14 left.  I've definitely been TRYING to keep up the coupon game, but life has been a little demanding, so without 100% devotion, I'm happy on what I've gotten.  Here's the recap below.  I'll start a new post for next weeks projected deals.  Happy couponing friends!

CVS challenge to date:

2 jumbo packs of huggies diapers
2 skintimate shaving cream
1 carefree pads
2 hershey's air delights
1 milky way simply caramel
2 dove dark chocolate (4 pieces)
Total- $2.32, $22.68 remaining

3 dawn dishliquids
1 rephresh brilliant tampons
Total- $3.73, $18.95 remaining

1 finish dishwasher detergent
5 airwick air freshners
Total- $1.22, $17.73 remaining

1 huggies jumbo pack
2 huggies slip-on jumbo packs
1 revlon lipgloss
1 package candy corn
Total- $2.48, $15.11 remaining

2 bottles pantene pro-v
3 packages trident gum
Total- $1.01, $14.10 remaining
1 revlon lip gloss
1 revlon eye pencil
3 hershey candy bars
Total- $0, $14.10 remaining

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