Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct 2- CVS

Today was a GREAT couponing day at CVS.  I just love it so.  I am continuing on my $25 gift card challenge.  I like to see how much stuff I can get--and, it's pretty much all stuff I use! :)  Although, I'll admit, if airwick air freshner wasn't free, I wouldn't be getting it.  Anyways....this week this list was

1 jumbo pack of huggies diapers
1 dawn handrenewal dish liquid
1 revlon foundation
1 foam puzzle (it's color and color words, think my son will dig it!)
1 foam shapes (to glue / play with)
Total- $0.47, $13.63 remaining on the gift card!!  woo hooo...

The coupon breakdown: $4/20 CVS Q, $1.50/1 huggies MQ, $0.50/1 dawn MQ, $5/1 revlon Q, free jumbo pack CVS Q, $2 ECB, $1 5 ECB's back!

Here's the list of what I've gotten to date on the challenge:

2 jumbo packs of huggies diapers
2 skintimate shaving cream
1 carefree pads
2 hershey's air delights
1 milky way simply caramel
2 dove dark chocolate (4 pieces)
3 dawn dishliquids
1 rephresh brilliant tampons

1 finish dishwasher detergent
5 airwick air freshners
1 huggies jumbo pack
2 huggies slip-on jumbo packs
1 revlon lipgloss
1 package candy corn

2 bottles pantene pro-v
3 packages trident gum

1 revlon lip gloss
1 revlon eye pencil
3 hershey candy bars

 1 revlon foundation
1 dawn hand renewal dish liquid
1 huggies jumbo pack
1 foam puzzle
1 package foam shapes

$11.37 spend, $13.63 remaining on gift card

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